Walking quite well now

May 1st, 2024

Walking quite well now

I was a bit wobbly walking when I first started weight bearing on the crutches, but I am getting a lot better now. Although I am still using the wheelchair for doing my general chores around the house, I am doing two or three walks up and down the hall each day now.

I started with 10 “lengths” of the hall per session, and have built up to 16 over the last few days.

R is taking videos of me (I am not putting these on the Internet) so that I can view them and see how my gait is doing. I think it is quite natural and not too painful or tiring. Inevitably walking with the boot, I have a bit of a limp, because the boot has a very thick heel, meaning that my left leg is effectively an inch longer than the right, but apart from that I am quite pleased.

They never told me in the hospital that it was very beneficial to ice my foot while it was elevated, but having discovered this through my own research, I have found it very helpful.

I bought this ice boot from Amazon and am using it with my foot up on the desk for two hours a day. This has reduced the swelling quite dramatically from what it was when I first took the boot off last week.