What a view to wake up to

Apr 29th, 2024

What a view to wake up to

There can’t be many people who wake up to a view like this.

My temporary bed in my office faces french windows which look out over Beinn Bheula. At this time of year, dawn breaks very early and lying awake on my fevered bed of pain (this is a joke btw – I’m not in any significant pain from my foot any more), I can see the sun slowly appearing over the mountains and hear the birds singing outdoors.

I believe you can get “sunlight wake up alarm clocks” that wake you to exactly that combination of light and nature – but these aren’t needed here. I have definitely decided to switch my office and bedroom over permanently because this is one fantastic feature of the house which had never even occurred to me before I had the foot injury.

I’ve been practicing with the crutches on what I think is 50% weight bearing and I can walk up and down the hall quite quickly with no pain unless I overdo it. I will say, however, that I still don’t see the advantage of crutches over a wheelchair in our particular setup. The chair is easier, faster and more flexible, and as I can just stand up as needed provided I don’t actually take steps onto the healing foot without support. I think the theory seems to be that use of the wheelchair would make you forget to be able to walk and you would lose your sense of balance. It doesn’t seem to be happening to me – and the huge temptation is actually to just ignore what I have been told to do, and start walking with the boot and a stick which I could easily do. I haven’t though and will be patient until end of May…