Happy Birthday Mum

Apr 27th, 2024

Happy Birthday Mum

My Mum is 85 years old today.

R and I went to see her – I am now hobbling along on crutches, trying my best not to put more than 50% weight on my healing foot. I managed the three steps up to her front door with no problems.

We had wild mushroom soup, luxury fish pie and a birthday cake. I’d cooked all of this before the operation, but put the cream and raspberries on the cake this morning. R had to do all the putting in and taking out of the oven, plus serving.

Here is the cake.

I painted my Mum a picture “The Garden of Dreams” which is basically an idealized version of the last house she lived in with Dad, complete with all the pets our family has had over the years, and many wild creatures. Unfortunately this photo was taken before it was finished – I forgot to do one of the finished version before I put it in the frame.

This was the key to the picture.

The cats also made some cards. This was the best one.

J is still in Norfolk but joined us by video link.

So Happy Birthday Mum and many thanks to R for facilitating everything and doing the driving and carrying duties.