Foot update

Apr 25th, 2024

Foot update

I saw the nurse at Ross Hall today and had my stiches removed. There was what seemed like yards of gauze soaked in dried on blood around my foot, but once she had peeled everything off it was fine, with the wounds themselves largely healed.

My ankle and foot seem a great deal straighter than they were before the op.

I am now partially weight bearing on crutches which means I can walk around the house, cook, and go up and down steps. I don’t know why but I could never sum up the courage to do steps completely non-weight bearing.

My foot is a bit sore (not terribly sore) when I put weight on it, so I am building up gradually and still using the wheelchair for longer distances (our hall is 15m long which doesn’t sound much, but I can assure you is quite a challenge without being able to put any weight on one leg!).

The next milestone is 30th May when I see the consultant again for X-Rays. If all has gone well and the bones have fused I will be able to go full weight bearing.

In the meantime, R and I have decided to buy a recumbent static exercise bike. I’ve not been able to make any of my Fitbit targets for aerobic exercise – so hopefully this will get me back on track. Believe it or not – R’s employers give him $100 a month towards “fitness purchases” so they are essentially paying for the bike.