R on his way home to his Disney Princess

Apr 12th, 2024

R on his way home to his Disney Princess

Glad to see that R is on his way home.

I’m off to the hospital this afternoon so we were a bit worried that if he were very late there would be no one to feed the cats.  And their Majesties would not be pleased about that.  Yesterday R told me that I was like a Disney Princess feeding all the wildlife we have had here since he has been away.  So the picture is of me doing my Snow White bit with my leg in a cast.  It was quite funny because I created the picture with Bing AI and my original prompt “Red haired middled aged woman with her leg in a cast feeding wildlife in a wood” produced animals with a distinctly North American slant – there were bears and wolves!  So I had to add “British” for the picture below.  I see though that there is a grey squirrel and a strange composite animal with a deer’s head and a fox’s tail.  The yellowish creature with the magpie next to it may (in a charitable view) be a pine marten, but it actually looks more like a capybara.

For some reason, my shoulder operation was at 8am and the foot one I am having tomorrow is at 6:30am!  I actually said to the surgeon last time that I hoped he was a morning person!  So I am staying at Ross Hall overnight today because otherwise I would be having to get up at 3am to get to Glasgow on time.

There may or may not be a blog post tomorrow.