Further to yesterday’s post

Apr 8th, 2024

Further to yesterday’s post

I did try out the bed in my office last night. It is super comfortable compared to my usual bed and I am definitely going to be buying a new one for my main bedroom in the future. Anyway, as I have said before, Saphy really, really loves this bed.

As I was getting ready last night (trying to do everything without putting my foot to the floor), she insisted on settling on the bed. R removed her twice and then I manage to close the outer door on her. Things were complicated by the fact that I have installed rubber strips in the doorways to make transitioning between the rooms in a wheelchair easier, and these stop the doors from closing very tightly. So I put a rubber doorstop inside the door to stop her opening it again.

All went well and I had a good night’s sleep until I was awakened by a noise in the room. For a moment I was a bit fearful, and then something jumped on me. It was Saphy. The door was slightly ajar, but the wedge was still in place and the gap looked too small for her to have got in. Also I hadn’t heard any “cat jumping on the door” noises.

So either she is better at small gaps than I had thought, or she had been hiding in the room all night.

She also had another go at accompanying R on his travels.