Fish Pie

Apr 8th, 2024

Fish Pie

My Mum’s 85th Birthday is on 27th April – exactly two weeks after my operation. At this point I will be in a temporary cast and the advice (at least as far as I can see from the Internet) is to do as little activity as possible until the wound has been checked and the proper cast put on. So no way I can go to Mum’s as there are three steps up to her door. I had the idea of going to the Cameron House Hotel, but I’m nervous about going out in the car and navigating unfamiliar territory in a wheelchair.

So Mum and (hopefully) J are coming here, and I have made and frozen some food in advance. There is a “potage au champignons sauvage” and a luxury fish pie. The fish for this all came from our local suppliers “Fynest Fish” in Inverary. I get an order from them every few weeks; they are quite expensive compared to ASDA, but their fish and meat is in a different league.

So this particular pie contains monkfish, hake, salmon, smoked salmon, smoked prawns, and fresh prawns – all local. There were also scallops, but on reflection I decided that they would be rubbery in a pie so I eated them 🙂

I topped the poached seafood with herbs, cheese sauce made from Orkney cheddar, and mashed potatoes (ok – these came from ASDA).

I have also made a birthday cake which is based on Mary Berry’s Black Forest gateau, but made with raspberries instead of cherries. I will need to ice the cake on the day which means sitting down to do it, but I don’t think that will be a problem.