Some more visitors to the garden

Apr 7th, 2024

Some more visitors to the garden

A sheep with her lamb. They have been with us a few days – as ever with sheep invaders, we really hope they stay. They could live here in peace and harmony, avoiding becoming lamb chops, and in return we could get our lawn kept short for us.

Also I in general like sheep.

Less than a week until my operation now. Matters have been greatly complicated, because in the absence of R (who is at a conference in Las Vegas), J had been supposed to be coming to stay to act as moral support and look after the cats in case R is delayed. Unfortunately, J’s mum has had an accident and is critically ill in hospital, so J has gone down to be with her. So I am all on my own with no car as R has taken it to the airport with him.

I just hope R is not delayed getting back – he is supposed to be getting home late Friday evening, my operation is Saturday morning and he is due to pick me up on Sunday. If he does get stuck in US, I am not quite sure what I will do. But best not to borrow trouble.

Today I did a run through of carrying out my daily activities in a wheelchair. Everything was broadly ok after I had made a few further tweaks – the only thing that was a bit tricky was taking a shower. I managed it with R’s help. Tonight I am trying out my new bed in the office.