Daring Bird rescue

Mar 18th, 2024

Daring Bird rescue

I suddenly heard a squeaky meow noise and a flurry from the hall. There was a trail of feathers across the floor in R’s bedroom, but after investigating extensively under the bed, I couldn’t find the bird.

It was perched on R’s trophy pole (his collection of lanyards from various conferences) – a seemingly uninjured female blackbird.

I think it was either Saphy or Lucky that brought it in, as they were both in the room, and Saphy was trying to climb up the lanyards to get to it. I eventually managed to catch her by scruffing her and putting her outside. Then I opened the store door at the back, and while I was doing it, she came in through the kitchen cat flap, opened the bedroom door and was back at the lanyards. I scruffed her again, with more difficulty this time as she was wise to it, and this time shut her in the lounge.

After a few minutes the bird flew away through the open door and disappeared into the garden. I don’t know how I would have been able to catch it, because R’s desk is against the wall and is a built up area of computer equipment. Many years ago, J and I caught a bird that had got into his tenement close using a pole and a pillowcase, but thank goodness it didn’t come to that this time.