Tartar Sauce

Mar 11th, 2024

Tartar Sauce

Sometimes I just don’t believe R. I’ve lived with him for nearly 30 years but he still never ceases to amaze.

Consistently over the years he has asserted many many times that he doesn’t like tartare sauce. Yes he has definitely, definitely tasted it, and he definitely, definitely didn’t like it. So I never served it to him or made him eat it.

But the other day when we went to the indifferent restaurant I mentioned, he had a fishcake as his starter. It came with tartare sauce, and cool as a cucumber, he ate it with relish. Turned out he did like it after all. At least he had the good grace to blush!

Actually this is not his first offence in this area; many years ago we nearly had a divorce when he refused to even try houmous. After a real shouting match he eventually gave in and tried it – of course he did like it and has been eating it ever since.
This has sunk him for the future though because from now on I refuse to believe any statement from him that he has “tried it before and didn’t like it”. Unless I have seen this with my own eyes, he is trying it again.

In case anyone doesn’t get the joke, it is a “Tartar” warrior chasing R across a plate of fish and chips!