Mother’s Day

Mar 10th, 2024

Mother’s Day

This is the cats on Mother’s Day. Saphy and Amber are on an old stone wall in our garden, which is actually the only remnant of the previous house on this site. Lucky is disappearing through the gate, so only his tail is visible – my guess is that he is in hot pursuit of food.

We took Mum to Glasgow to see the Riverside (Scottish Transport) Museum.

This one is for J who lives in Linthouse.

We then went out for lunch to a restaurant which will remain unnamed (because I always feel that you should complain about food at the time if you are going to give it a bad review and I didn’t yesterday because I didn’t want to spoil things on Mother’s Day). The scallops were undercooked and cold, with the broccoli and bacon that accompanied them respectively under and over cooked. Mum and R’s fish was undercooked and their chips were soggy and greasy. My “Sunday Roast with all the trimmings” was very strange. There were seemingly no vegetables; when I pointed this out to the waiter, he said they were under the beef. Right enough, they were – but they consisted of two strange purees, one orange and one green, rather like multi-coloured baby food. The beef was tough and you could have played cricket with the Yorkshire pudding. And then the whole meal cost £109 – with the only drinks two cokes and a gin and tonic. I won’t be back there…

But apart from that, a nice day. Mum gave me an early easter chick who is now making friends with the other birds on my fireplace.