Cooker is back and mystery solved

Mar 7th, 2024

Cooker is back and mystery solved

I was fully prepared for us to have to buy a new cooker, but the local electrician managed against all odds to fix the existing one. The reason for the short was very clear.

This one was under the cooker and had been there for some time as there were quite a few poos in there as well. He obviously touched the wrong cable and paid the ultimate price – shorting the cooker out in the process.

I took the opportunity to clean behind the area while the cooker was out from the wall. It was a disgusting mess and I felt quite ashamed, but I guess everyone has the same problem as these cookers are far from easy to move.

Anyway, normal cooking arrangements have resumed – but I have learnt a useful lesson on the versatilities of the microwave, air fryer and slow cooker and will be using them more often in future.