Cooking without a cooker – Part II

Mar 3rd, 2024

Cooking without a cooker – Part II

Today is Sunday so this was my take on Sunday lunch without a cooker.

Chop an onion and two large carrots. Add 500g stewing steak in pieces and a packet of high quality sausages cut in half. Take some potatoes and par cook them in the microwave (I use my microwave steamer). Put all the ingredients in the slow cooker. Make up about 1.5 pints of gravy (I use the old fashioned bisto powder for this rather than gravy granules). Pour the gravy into the slow cooker making sure all the ingredients are covered (this is important, even if you have to make more gravy than you need, because if the dry ingredients are not covered they will get hard and tough). Put the slow cooker on either low (8 hours) or high (4 hours) and switch on.

When the casserole comes half an hour away from ready, give it a quick stir. Cook the puff pastry in the air fryer – I gave it 7 minutes at 200C (after pre-heating).

Cook a vegetable in the microwave – I did sprouts which were ready in five minutes.

This was the finished article – super quick and super delicious.

If you want a desert you can use the other half of the roll of puff pastry to make an “apple pie”. Just cut the pastry into portion sizes, slice an eating apple thinly, and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. About another 7 minutes in the fryer.