A little gentle encouragement

Feb 25th, 2024

A little gentle encouragement

Lucky is distinctly overweight (R calls him Fatass). Unfortunately when we brought him in from his stray existence, we tempted him with food, and he was so ravenous that he was eating in excess of six pouches of cat food a day, plus copious amounts of milk. This has had a bad effect on his waistline so we have attempted to put him on a diet.

In theory he is allowed three pouches of wet food a day, plus any dry stuff he wants. He is rarely hungry enough to deign to the dry, but is always trying to drag R and I into the kitchen for extra wet food. He has developed a rather endearing trait in this regard, as if he thinks R and I are likely to go into the kitchen, he tries to encourage us by getting hold of a trouser leg in his jaws and trying to pull us in that direction.

Here he is relaxing on the bed. I need to have another go at some of the mats in his fur, as unfortunately bits of it are unsavable and have to be carefully snipped off with a pair of scissors. This takes a certain amount of skill and courage!

Meanwhile, Saphy is enjoying the other bed uninterrupted.