Progress with cats and arm

Feb 17th, 2024

Progress with cats and arm

Lucky is starting to be a nice (if rather odd) cat. He still occasionally vanishes for a day or two at a time, and we still have no idea of where he goes. But back in the house, he is now prepared to be stroked, tickled on his tummy and brushed. There are some tangles and mats in his fur from long neglect, and yesterday R took his life in his hands and snipped a couple of them off with surgical scissors, while Lucky lay on the bed purring. He can still lash out with his claws, but this seems to be more excitement than aggression, and he has a rather endearing way of taking R’s trouser leg in his mouth and trying to propel him to the food bowl.

Lucky and the ladies are still not best friends, and Saphy in particular does not appreciate his attempts to chase her and play with her. I think Lucky is a very young cat (in spite of his size), and hopefully he will grow out of his over enthusiasm.

This is Lucky in my office.

This is the Ladies hiding from him on my bed. Apart from the time where he panicked when we were trying to catch him for the vet, Lucky has not been known to jump up on to furniture, so hopefully he will not get the idea and the “upper layer” of the furniture will remain a female refuge place.

My arm is doing pretty well. I have resumed all my former activities and have a virtually normal range of movement. I am still a bit weak as my muscles haven’t been used normally for such a long time, but I am exercising hard most days – using a 2.5kg weight in my left hand, and a 500g tin of vegetable curry in my right (you can see them in the picture above next to Saphy). I will save the Internet a picture of my scar, but it has healed up to a red line now.