Dangerous custard

Feb 10th, 2024

Dangerous custard

There is a cracker joke which goes “What’s yellow and dangerous?” answer – “Shark infested custard”.

Actually custard presented a real and present danger the other day. I went to see my mum in Rhu, and as usual I ordered her a nice lunch (to tempt her to eat as she doesn’t eat enough).

For our desert I got an apple pie and Ambrosia custard in a cardboard tetrapack. I know how to make custard from scratch (with or without cornflour), but neither the homemade stuff or any bought supermarket brand has ever equalled Ambrosia – it really is food for the gods (assuming gods like custard).

So I tore off the corner of the carton and put it in the microwave. Bad plan. Almost immediately the microwave began to spark and when I pulled the oven door open, the carton was on fire. Luckily, I managed to put it out without damaging either the carton or the oven – but a useful piece of knowledge for the future is that it is important to check the cartons of things to make sure that they actually are microwavable – in this case the carton was lined with metallic foil.