Warren of the snares

Jan 17th, 2024

Warren of the snares

Saphy had a bird today.

She played with it in the hall for a while and then took it into R’s bedroom and onto the bed. Then she sat and purred at it for a while. Poor little thing…
It has been so cold recently that we have clouds of birds and squirrels competing for the supply of nuts and seeds. It all rather reminds me of “Watership down” and the “Warren of the snares” where the rabbits in one warren decide that the benefits of humans giving them food, outweighs the fact that the humans are also setting snares for them.

So in bird terms, the chaffinches are weighing the advantages of high quality nuts and sunflower seeds against the disadvantages of risking being caught by one of the cats. I do not think we know all the things that Lucky catches because from what I’ve seen he eats anything he manages to get hold of.

Here he is hunting some string…