Christmas Project

Dec 14th, 2023

Christmas Project

I’m not on for doing anything too vigorous at the moment because of my arm (and on that note, I won’t be writing much for the next few weeks as I am off to hospital today for a shoulder replacement operation). So I made a Christmas project which didn’t involve two hands or heavy lifting.

I am fond of rock painting, and have been held back in this only by the fact that I never know what to do with the rock once it has my brilliant design on it. There are only so many painted rocks a person can “use” and my attempt to introduce the “friendship rock” to Lochgoilhead by leaving my efforts on random benches round the village was of limited success. I made a rock box out of a lovely art deco cardboard box which R gave me (full of dried fruit) for my birthday. The fruit is long gone, but the box was way too nice not to reuse.

There are nine compartments in the box, and I painted a rock for each one. They all have a Christmas theme. On the inside of the lid there was a menu showing what each fruit was in each position. I had though I would carefully need to paint over this, but as an excellent design feature, the menu card just slid out of a mounting block so you could replace it easily. Not only that, but the card was blank on the back. I drew a Christmas scene involving two cats on it, and put it back into the mounting.

I think I will give the rocks away as prizes at Christmas but the box is just too nice to give away. So I am keeping it.