Dec 13th, 2023


Since we acquired him (or vice versa), Lucky has never been known to play. We’ve tried him with all sorts of toys, but he never seemed to get the hang of it, and I have a theory about this.

No one in the village had seen or heard of Lucky, and we think he was brought here by tourists or someone on a short lease tenancy, who conveniently for them, abandoned him when they left. He seems quite young (from his teeth and general behaviour), and we don’t think his mum had the chance to teach him some of the things he needed to know. Notably the lack of play behaviour, the fact that he gets food/milk all over his nose when he eats, and his general tendency to swipe at people.

But yesterday we were putting the Christmas tree up, and there were sundry pieces of string and tinsel lying around. Obviously this was cat heaven for Saphy and R played with her with a bit of string for five minutes or so, with Lucky watching intensely. Suddenly he started to play with the other end of the string.

He was so keen that we took the game out into the hall. They both loved it.

After a few minutes Amber joined us as well in her normal stately way. Her expression just said “Just look at those two – I don’t know what the youth of today is coming to”

Here is the video of them.

Three cats and a string