Loch Lomond and Art

Dec 11th, 2023

Loch Lomond and Art

Went to Glasgow in the car today. It was a lovely day here, and all our “local” mountains were covered in snow – down to about 400m at a guess.

Going alongside Loch Lomond, it was just as pretty, with “The Ben” (as we used to call it as children) jutting far above the other mountains and completely covered in snow.

Here is my Mum’s painting of the loch.

Actually – it is not by my Mum and I am not even sure it is of Loch Lomond. It was done by Bing Image creator in the style of my Mum in about 2 minutes, and is only one of 12 I did for a mock calendar of 2024. These are 12 pictures Isobel could (and perhaps should) have painted, but never did. They are actually really good, and with a couple of exceptions, I would have believed she actually had painted them.

For example “Snow towards Ben Donich”

Saphy and Amber (Saphy is too fluffy in this)

Tora and Schrodi

Ayres Rock

It all makes a bit of a mockery of human endeavour. I still like it though and believe that AI will probably be mankind’s successor. Perhaps it will be kinder to the earth than we have been.