Cats and milk

Nov 30th, 2023

Cats and milk

Apparently along with humans suddenly having developed violent gluten and lactose allergies in the last ten years – cats are following the trend too and now “you shouldn’t give your cat milk”.

I’ll put this one firmly in the category of “you shouldn’t let your cat go outside” as a big bunch of crap.

I’ve owned and been around cats for 50 odd years, and all the ones I have had the privilege of knowing fall into one of these groups: a) don’t really care for milk much but would consume it au faute de mieux if nothing else was available and take no harm from it b) love milk and guzzle it down with no apparent ill effects c) love milk, drink it and then sick it up. Most cats are either a)s or b)s – I don’t deny that c)s exist because Tora was one, but I think this is pretty uncommon. But of course in this modern age, it has to be that “all cats are lactose intolerant and will sicken and die if you don’t buy our very expensive cat milk substitute”. People are hella stupid to quote Cartman.

Saphy and Amber are both a)s, Lucky is of course a b) and consumes great quantities to the sound of one of those vacuum cleaners used to clean out swimming pools.

Speaking of cats, we had a standoff in the hall and kitchen this morning with all three cats sitting in a row glaring at each other.