Sweepstake on GBBO

Nov 23rd, 2023

Sweepstake on GBBO

Every year I have a little personal sweepstake on the winner of the Great British Bakeoff.

I’ve had some success (I got both Nancy and Frances) and I generally get my candidate through to at least the semis.

So this year my candidate was Dan (I chose him before he won star baker the first week), and he is in the final. Fingers crossed.

I entered the bake off a few years ago, but in spite of some photos of my great (!) bakes, I never got beyond the telephone interview. I am actually a better baker than most people that get on to it, though I am not of a standard to make the final few, but I don’t think I have an interesting enough personality to be on a TV show. Also my nerves would get the better of me – I think that it is a great deal more difficult cooking for judges in front of an audience of millions, than it is at home. R never eats my creations anyway, unless they have lots of chocolate in them.

Here is a rather lurid Bakewell tart I made. The picture at the top is a selection of goodies I baked for a party, complete with “From the Donich kitchen” labels with pine martens.