Lucky back from the vet

Nov 21st, 2023

Lucky back from the vet

A surprise for everyone; Lucky left us a (possibly pregnant) girl, and has now returned a boy – a trans cat (I have “misgendered” him and used offensive pronouns many times today). Not only that – but he was also a full uncastrated boy!

I do not understand why when I was watching him washing his nether regions the other day, I completely missed seeing his testicles. I also can’t understand why he showed no male type behaviour such as spraying. I suppose thinking about it, it does explain him vanishing off for days at a time.

Anyway, he has been thoroughly fumigated, countless ticks removed, vaccinated and castrated.

We brought him home this afternoon, and he seems fine – he has not reverted to being wild and he certainly remembers us.

We are keeping him in tonight, and although we gave him a litter tray, he obviously doesn’t know how to use it as he had a copious pee on the rug in one of the bedrooms.

Tomorrow morning we will let him out, hoping he will come back and stay with us, but respecting his right as a free creature to leave if he wants to.

Here he is enjoying his first meal back in our kitchen.

Click to see Lucky eating