Lucky off to the vet

Nov 20th, 2023

Lucky off to the vet

Well for better or for worse, Lucky is now at the vet.
She has been very friendly over the last week, letting me stroke her, and rubbing up against my legs, but she is still not properly tame and lashes out if scared, or if she thinks you are keeping her from her food. I hate to break her trust, but she absolutely has to see the vet to a)check for microchip b) chip if not already done c) sort out problem with ears, tail and fur in general d) investigate her distended abdomen and voracious desire for food e) neuter if not already done f) vaccinate. Quite a list but no way she can come into the bedrooms or sleep in the house proper until we know there is nothing she can give to our other two ladies (or us).

We had a right job catching her. First of all we had a proper humane trap set up with a plate of food in it. All went well and she walked into the trap with no problem. It closed and we thought the problem was sorted. BUT – R came into the utility room to pick the trap up and she panicked. This is not supposed to happen, but somehow she managed to wriggle under the door of the trap and escape out of the flap. We thought we would never see her again…

But five minutes later she was back, and I lured her into the kitchen and left her shut in with the re-baited trap. This seemed to panic her more than having been trapped, and I realized she was never going into the trap of her own volition again.

So I activated my plan, which was not approved by R for fear of injury to both of us. I put on a pair of thick gardening gloves, and while she was cowering in a corner, I grabbed her and scruffed her. R muffled a towel round her, and we stuffed her into the trap. Then he drove her to the vet in Dunoon.

I am glad we did this because it needed to be done, but my heart is breaking for the wee soul who is being kept in overnight and is alone and frightened.

I hope that when we get her back, we can settle her in again properly and she will have her forever home with us.