Lucky returns

Nov 3rd, 2023

Lucky returns

Once the final time window for taking her to the vet had definitely closed for this week, sure enough Lucky turned up at 6:30am, as loud and as unfriendly as ever.

She ate three pouches of food, tried to scratch R and hissed at me. Back to normal.

Then Saphy went out and caught a chaffinch. Sensing that I would be cleaning the house today as it is my birthday tomorrow and we have visitors, she very kindly brought it into the lounge and played at tossing it around for a while, strewing feathers everywhere. Virtually our whole house has wood floors which are easy to clear up – the lounge has a cream carpet which isn’t.

So I put the bird outside on the path (commending its spirit to Gaia as I always do). Normally any kills are eaten by one of the wild creatures, but in this case I glanced outside a few minutes later, and Lucky was consuming the bird with great gusto.

Then she went back into the lounge for a sleep.