Psychic cat

Nov 2nd, 2023

Psychic cat

Lucky has been here every day for the last eight days. She has come for her food in the morning, helped me in the kitchen and even slept in the lounge.

So we decided to finally make her “our” cat. We got the humane trap down from the attic and made an appointment with the vet in Dunoon to take her in. We had the intention of having her checked for a microchip, thoroughly de-vermined, vaccinated, and if necessary spayed.

First thing in the morning, we got the trap ready and all primed with a plate of wet cat food. No Lucky. Hung around all day watching the trap in the webcam. No Lucky.

Next day, no Lucky.

Third day, no Lucky. By this time we decided she had gone for good, either to return to her original home, or to give birth to kittens (she looks very rotund in the torso area). Or she is psychic and sensed the presence of the trap.

We inform the vet we are not coming.

Saphy is rather pleased that the intruder is gone, and celebrates by sitting on a box.