Off on holiday

Sep 23rd, 2023

Off on holiday

R and I jetted off to the bright lights of London for a week. This is our first holiday together since 2018.

Our first night was staying over at London zoo in the “Lion Lodges” – great fun.

This was the painted wall of our lodge.

We got three separate private tours of the zoo, one at sunset, one in the dark, and one in the early morning. I liked the giant tortoises.

Then we stayed the rest of the week in a cool apartment on the 19th floor in Canary wharf – R refused to go out on the balcony.

Went to loads of other cool places, Kew Gardens, Temple of Mithras, Buckingham Palace (I had never been inside before), Westminster Cathedral etc. etc.

On the way back they cancelled the sleeper train due to one of the modern panics that seem to break out these days every time there is a bit of wind or rain, and we had to fly back. I wasn’t that bothered because I wasn’t that impressed by the new sleeper. We got it on the way down with one of the new cabins with a “en-suite” and it was as cramped and noisy as the 1980s rolling stock was. For the price I wouldn’t really bother with it again particularly as we had left the car in Arrochar, which meant that when we arrived back at Glasgow Airport instead, we had to take a taxi to get the car, costing over £100.