Mossdale one last time

Sep 15th, 2023

Mossdale one last time

We went to Mossdale in Dumfrieshire (where my parents used to live). This was really their happiest home- Dad had retired and was free to do the garden and DIY. Mum had lots of friends and was involved with the local community, and also with her art.

Sadly, old age and infirmity meant they had to give up the house as it had steep narrow stairs and a big garden which was beyond them as my Dad had lost his sight by then.

So when we went back one last time, it was to scatter his ashes. R took a photo of a lovely tree.

This was their house there.

Afterwards we went to the “Old Schoolhouse” restaurant for lunch. I had a sensational selection platter, and true to form, R had fish and chips.