Visit to Glasgow

Aug 6th, 2023

Visit to Glasgow

It’s been a while since I went to the big city. With one thing and another, nearly four years in fact. So considering we have a holiday in London booked for Sept, I thought I had better get some practice in by going to Glasgow first.

It was J’s birthday on 6th so we made a day of it.

Things didn’t start very well, as when we got to Shields Road, ready to do the park and ride thing, we discovered the subway was off for the day. So R had to drive right into the Merchant City to park, which did not joy his heart.

First we went to the new “Cat Cafe” – we had been to one in Finland before and they are great fun. Basically you have tea and buns and get to play with about 40 assorted cats and kittens.

Then we went for a walk round the Necropolis – it was a lovely day and there were some great views.

Then we went to the museum of Religious Art – J and I liked it but I could tell R was not a fan. My favourites were some stained glass windows which were copies of Roman mosaics.

Finally we went for a walk round the “Barras”. It hadn’t changed much since I went there when at college to buy dodgy software.

We had been going to go out for dinner at a nice Turkish restaurant but we were too tired so we just went home.