A visit to Helensburgh

Jul 14th, 2023

A visit to Helensburgh

I went on a little trip to Helensburgh today. The weather was really lovely and Helensburgh was looking very fetching.

The thing about British holiday towns is they look great when the weather is fine…

But are surpassingly awful as soon as it isn’t (and it very often isn’t). The nastiest day I remember was Dec 23rd 2015. We had moved to Lochgoilhead relatively recently and went to pick V up from the station in Helensburgh. She had bought so many presents that R had to help her to the car with them and I was left to get all the shopping from the Co-Op on my own. Between the wind and the sleet, I thought I wasn’t going to make it, and my dead, freeze frozen body would be found welded to the traffic lights in the morning. But it wasn’t.

Before I am seen to be overly criticising Helensburgh – the same applies to Dunoon and Siloth (holiday town for Carlisle) – neither show their best in the rain.