Lovely walk today

Apr 30th, 2023

Lovely walk today

R and I went up what we call “The Zig Zags” this morning. This path goes from the main road up to a forestry road which runs along towards the waterfalls and ultimately joins the main path there. It was a bit cloudy but there were still brilliant views over the loch.

All the wild flowers are coming out and we saw lots of violets and primroses. Unfortunately the bracken is sprouting up too.

Later in the day we walked to the bottom of the “garden” accompanied by Saphy. She really does look like a wildcat.

Unfortunately when I got back I found I had picked up a tick. We are not seeing deer in the garden this year but they are obviously still in attendance at the back near the river because there are tracks everywhere. I also noticed that there are a load of badger snuffle holes behind the back shed.