Stray cat appears to be gone

Mar 19th, 2023

Stray cat appears to be gone

Haven’t seen it around for days now, and a lady in the village told me that it is a feral that has been in the area for several years. So on balance we are not going to try to trap it as it would be cruel to take it away from the life it knows. That will be £80 on a trap we didn’t need to spend!

On a slightly related subject – many years ago I was a member of a cat chat forum. People were always talking about strays they had rescued and I felt a bit ashamed that I hadn’t even seen a stray – much less rescued one. So R and I were setting out on a walk – and in the middle of the quiet residential cul de sac street where we lived was sitting a small scrawny black cat which obviously was a stray because we had never seen it before. I fairly raced to rescue it and return it to sanctuary in our house, and sure enough it was very thin. So we put it in our bathroom to keep it safe from Tora and Schrodi and gave it a big plate of food. It wasn’t afraid of us but it wouldn’t eat the food and just glared at us balefully.

At this point alarm bells started going off. I went down the street and knocked on doors “Does anyone know anything about a thin scruffy looking black cat?”. On my fourth attempt I was told “Oh, that is Sheba from next door. She is a bit thin and doesn’t go out much because she is 22”.

R disassociated himself from the whole affair. I crept out carrying Sheba and put her on the doorstep before retreating quickly so as not to be charged with cat abduction. Sheba glared balefully after me.