More on the Solar

Mar 6th, 2023

More on the Solar

The weather of late has been unusual to say the least. It has been bright, sunny and moderately cold although today it started snowing again! There is snow on Beinn Bheula at about 500m this afternoon.

R did some more clever technical work and integrated the Solar/PowerWall system into a dashboard which works with the Hive Smart Home system we have to control the new boiler. My chances of fixing all this new stuff if it goes wrong while he is away are virtually nil!

So these are some interesting stats.

Just to interpret a bit – our current consumption is 6KW (background house plus dishwasher and dryer on at the moment). Our production is currently 11.5 (bright lunchtime in March). In the last week we have used 185 and generated 209 – in theory we are in surplus from the solar but this is complicated by the fact that at this time of year we have the electric heating on in the offices overnight which runs the battery down to its reserve and means we have some pull from the grid. In total we have used 5M and produced 1.8M – again this is skewed by the fact that we have only been up and running since mid-Sept so the usage stats cover the winter but not any of the really good months in summer.