Feb 3rd, 2023


I read an article yesterday which simply amazed me.

The original Winnie-the-Pooh book is now in the public domain in spite of the efforts of the Disney Corporation to keep control of it. “The house at Pooh Corner” and associated content, including Tigger will not come out of copyright until 2026. But Disney still own the images they created for their films. This to me is I suppose fair enough because a) they created them b) they are a pile of shite compared to the EH Shephard originals.

The thing that really surprised me is that apparently to “most people” the Disney Pooh in the red T-shirt is the definitive article. I have to say that “my” Pooh is the original one – I have never liked the Disney version or thought of it an anything other than a money grasping pastiche.

So to me in a competition between Paddington and Pooh, the original Milne/Shephard wins outright. I hope Pooh gets a mention in this year’s Great British Menu because Paddington has already had several outings.

On a slightly related issue – R and I once played Poohsticks on the original bridge in Ashdown Forest in Sussex. He won.