Cat Litter

Feb 1st, 2023

Cat Litter

R and I took the decision when we got the girls that they would have free range of the garden during daylight hours – but the flap would be closed when it got dark. This is partially because we are nervous about their interactions with badgers and martens, but the main reason is that the boys caused us vast amounts of worry by going out during the night and not coming back for hours.

The unfortunate corollary to this is that they have to have a litter tray for their night time needs – and even more unfortunately that having been given a comfy warm toilet, they are using it during the day as well.

We bought a special toilet to stop them spilling the litter out, and a special mat to clean their paws on the way out and catch any stray litter. Even so, bits of it get on the floor, and being the wood pellet sort it is quite sore on bare feet if you tread on it.

Saphy loves her toilet, and when I do a full clean every second day she is normally back in there within 30 seconds having saved up an enormous shit for the clean litter.