Jan 28th, 2023


I had my family over for a meal at the weekend and as is our tradition we had some fun activities. This year the theme was “Asia”.

We had :-

Quiz about Asia
Noodle grabbing game
Asian Poem
Haiku writing.

These were the Haiku people came up with – I won’t grace my mother’s “effort” by quoting it as it was not a Haiku by any stretch of the imagination.

J’s (the winner)
Haiku have no rhyme
Hope springs eternal for now
That this one does not

The forager’s dead
For he ate death caps instead
Of nice field mushrooms

R’s (I thought this one was the best)
Showery Scotland
A wet little haggis runs
Despite the river

Here are two pictures we snapped of one of our local haggis by the side of the Donich

My effort
Spring bird sings on branch
Soon death and winter. Hawk waits.
Have all things meaning?