Rain, Rain, Rain

Jan 11th, 2023

Rain, Rain, Rain

The first year we lived here (nearly ten years ago believe it or not), the weather was beautiful on our first day in the house. R had to go to a prearranged meeting in Edinburgh so I was left with Tora and Schrodi to start unpacking. Optimistically I though that we would have weeks of lovely weather, it only being mid-Sept. The next day it started to rain. It continued to do so until March – constantly every day. Apparently only five days were dry in the entire period.

The same thing is happening this year; the rain just plummets down constantly.

Yesterday on our walk I got completely soaked. R wasn’t too bad as he wraps himself in protective clothing from head to foot but I get overheated walking up hill in too many clothes so I inevitably get wet to the skin. I can’t get out to do stuff in the garden and even the incinerator needs to be watched like a hawk in case it goes out.

It all rather reminds me of the Ray Bradbury story – “The Long Rain” set on Venus back in the day when they believed it was like earth only hot, steamy and rained all the time. Basically a group of stranded soldiers are trying to take refuge in a “sun dome” to escape the rain, but one by one they are driven mad by it and either are killed or commit suicide. In the end, their leader “the lieutenant” finds an intact sun dome and settles down in dry clothes with a hot chocolate. Or has he been driven mad as well???

I don’t think we are quite ready to go mad yet.