The Seventh Day of Mousemas – Christmas Eve

Dec 24th, 2022

The Seventh Day of Mousemas – Christmas Eve

A very mangled vole is Saphy’s contribution to the household economy today.

It is Christmas Eve today and the Cats have written another carol. Amber took the lead on this one as it is in honour of her favourite purveyor of sliced chicken breast.

Hark the sacred door bell rings
Harbinger of wonderous things
Chicken breast and Dreamie treats
Soon we will be quite replete.
Joyful felines we arise
Many treats will soon arrive
With our loud meows proclaim
ASDA van is here again
Hark the table groans with stuff
Not sure that Mum has bought enough.

Bumble and Casper – Amber’s clones have their Santa hats on ready for tomorrow.