The Sixth Day of Mousemas

Dec 23rd, 2022

The Sixth Day of Mousemas

Saphy back on form today with two birds (both dead) and a very lively shrew which we eventually caught and released.

Back to dreich again outside – we are walking up to the top of the hill and back every day but there is no great pleasure in it while the weather is like this, particularly as my coat is knackered and lets the rain straight through.

The cats wrote another carol.

O great big house near Lochgoilhead
How warm we feel you now
Outside the double glazing thick
The snow comes falling down.
For Dad has put the heating on
And we are snug in here
Whilst out in Rhu the humans chill
Too mean to pay the bill

Oh stars outside so cold and bright
We’re glad we’re not out there
We’ll praises sing to LPG
As we’ve no cold to bear
For chilly paws and frozen jaws
Have no place in our lives
We’ve chicken prawns and ham in pots
Praise Dad for earning lots.

The joke behind this that my parents who are relatively well off are refusing to put their central heating on in spite of my father being 93 and feeling the cold.