Apr 14th, 2022


We’ve decided to have a go at Solar power. In our usual style this is not a small simple installation, but as close as we can get (bearing in mind the Argyll climate) to being energy self-sufficient.

So we are fortunate in being a south west facing bungalow with no direct shade. The only problem is that in winter it takes the sun some time to clear the trees to the right of the house putting a few of the panels into shade. We are getting round this by using SolarEdge technology where if one panel has its output reduced by shade it doesn’t affect the others.

So we are having 40 panels on the roof. These will be connected to a Tesla Powerwall storage battery. By our calculations Solar alone will provide all our electrical needs (huge as they are with all the computers and the air con!) for about eight months a year. The key thing for us is that we are having a smart inverter which allows the system to work in the event of a power cut. We reckon that between the battery and the residual power from the panels, we will never have another power outage.

This is costing us a not inconsiderable 40K which combined with having to buy a new car is a bit of a hit, but I think it is probably worth it.

Next year we plan to get a full house air source heat pump and replace our gas fire in the lounge with a wood burner. The next stage, probably the following year will be to get an EV. We will then cut off the LPG and be totally green electric.