New Start

Apr 12th, 2022

New Start

Just an update on where I have been (not away as a guest of her Majesty!). Just before Christmas I had quite a serious accident when I slipped on the marble tiles in my bathroom and hurt both my shoulder and my ankles. It has taken me a long time to recover, which probably shows that old age is setting in. I am about 95% recovered now and am getting out of the house again – luckily my kind friend J has been doing the garden for me – he can have the fun of mowing the lawn in a few weeks time.

Anyway the big piece of news is that a few months after Tora’s death we decided to get two new cats. This time we decided to go for rescue cats rather than pedigrees as I always felt a bit guilty about having bought Tora and Schrodi from a breeder. So this time we got a pair of girls (Amber and Saphy) from the Cats’ Protection.

Amber is jet black. She is a bit timid and it took us nearly a week to get her to come out from under the bed.

Saphy is much younger (3 years old to Amber’s 8). She is a little tabby with a white chin and we call her the minx because she is naughty and into everything

Anyway they have started going out and exploring the garden but we are bringing them in at night at the moment.