A Cheery Poem

Jul 6th, 2020

A Cheery Poem

There doesn’t seem to have been much cheer in the world of late (self-inflicted). So here is a poem written by our cats just before Schrodi died in honour of their Gran on Mothers’ Day. If anyone is interested in Victorian Poetry they might note that I think there is a degree of plagiarism involved.

There’s a breathless hush in the woods tonight
Ten to catch and bring them in
Hoping to get them before it gets light
Ten voles to catch just before we come in
And its not for the sake of eating them now
Or the selfish hope that our claws are sharp
But the love that our hearts will safe endow
Catch now, Catch now, Catch while it is dark

The sheets of the bed are crisp and clean
Clean with the labour Mum has done
We’ll leave some fur everywhere we’ve been
And be back in the morning before the sun
The fields are damp and the badgers out
Our food is far and our beds a name
But our duty to Gran echoes in our hearts
Catch now, Catch now, we’ll catch our game

These are the words which in their place
While vole and mouse still wander free
Each Donich Kitty now must hear
And none that hearing dare to flee.
These are the words that for Mother’s Day
We give to you with the voles we caught
And leave them on your bed tonight
Catch now, catch now, just as we ought.