Helensburgh Yesterday

May 31st, 2020

Helensburgh Yesterday

We went out to Helensburgh yesterday to see my parents.

It is obvious to me that no one here in the Highlands is obeying any kind of social isolation. The A83 and A82 were mobbed with cars as always on a warm May Saturday. There were cars with canoes, there were boats being towed, there were jet skis as well. Loads of people walking and cycling. The only difference I could see is that the moronic council have closed all the car parks. It was very obvious that anyone who had intended to climb the Cobbler (100s as usual) were still doing it but were having to park their cars by the side of the road. The A83 is not a wide road, and this was causing a considerable traffic hazard. Inevitably someone will end up being killed but I don’t suppose they care about that provided they can be seen to have obeyed their facile regulations

We got to Helensburgh and went for a walk. There were loads of people on the seafront in large groups, and people having picnics. I did not see one single person wearing a face mask or standing 2m away from anyone else – so well done to the revolution.

I may be being a conspiracy theory person here, but in my opinion the media have been pressurized into handing out the legend that everyone is obeying this crap, whereas from my observations, no one is, at least in this region.

And by the way ScotRail – I used to spend a considerable amount of money on your inflated prices between Arrochar and Edinburgh. I did not appreciate your unsolicited email the other day, and I can inform you that when I wear a face mask on a train, hell will be freezing over and pigs will be flying past the windows.