Birds and fruit trees

May 17th, 2020

Birds and fruit trees

We have had some lovely birds on our feeders. We can now see them a bit better as R and I put a new camera up directly facing the feeders. This was not a particularly easy task as it involved threading a cable through the attic and down the wall and then securing the camera into the wall outside. I will admit that this was a “man task” laregely carried out by R, and that all I really did was stand in the office holding the cable to make sure it didn’t fall back down.

First of all we have had two bullfinches. We’ve only seen these a couple of times here although we used to get them a lot in our garden in Livingston. They are a really unusual looking bright shade of pink.

Then we had some blackbirds – a Mum, a Dad and a young one. Although the youngster was able to fly it still seemed to be dependent on its parents for food as they were feeding it with seeds from the feeders. Tora seems too old to want to catch the birds any more, although he has had two voles this week.

The cherry tree has finished with its blossom and is loaded with little fruit – if there was any justice in the world we would have a bumper crop of cherries (I love these) but last year every bit of them was eaten by jays.