My God – these idiots

Mar 21st, 2020

My God – these idiots

I just don’t believe what is going on in the world.

There have been 177 deaths in UK and six in Scotland in total – on average 1400 people die every single day. Because of this our delightful government have decided to close schools, pubs and clubs – basically wrecking our society. There is no food in the supermarkets and I don’t know what my elderly parents are going to do. The best way to deal with this thing is treat it like the strain of flu it is, and live through it, building up a general immunity.

I can personally guarantee that I am not going to obey any instructions about not going outside the house. I’ve committed no crime and I have no disease. I have the right which has been established by hundreds of years of law in Britain to be a free individual in my own country. So if they want to put on protective clothing and come and take me off to prison – good luck to them. Not that I suppose they will as they closed down our local police station some time ago and I don’t suppose anyone will drive from Inverness to catch me.

I took the first extract from “Stephen” the sourdough and baked it last night with the loaf christened “Angela”. It tasted nice if a bit chewy though it takes much, much longer to make than a traditional loaf, and I think it could have done with more salt. I fed him after taking the culture to make the loaf and all seems to be well as he is bubbling away merrily this morning.

I’m putting a nice picture of my favourite place in the world which is a little stream on the way to Coran Lochan on this comment to try to cheer things up.