Feb 11th, 2020


We have had four ewes and an enormous ram in our garden. I was expecting them to have gone overnight but they were still here today. The farmer turned up with his dog to round them up but apparently they ran off up the hill and he couldn’t catch them. My Mum wrote a poem on the subject.

The weather it was cold and windy.
And sheep, you know are very skitty,
Wherever they’d a mind to go,
Along goes too their Romeo.

In dead of night they make their break.
Across the bridge and through the gate.
“Ah, safe at last, is this our fate?

Yes, the woman here is good as gold.
She’s safe as houses but don’t be bold,
Just keep your head down when you’re told,

Here comes Tora, the resident cat,
He won’t like us but what of that!
He hasn’t got a coat or hat,
Far to cold to have a spat.

He’s just come out to have a pee,
So just ignore him and let him be!