Spring is springing

Feb 6th, 2020

Spring is springing

In spite of the official “R Spring” not starting for another three weeks – I can see evidence of life in the garden. The narrcissi are coming out under the fruit trees and there are catkins on the pussy willows at the bottom of the garden.

The siskins are also back – just in time to have missed the RSPB survey. They really are very messy birds as they drop lots of seed from the feeders on the ground – luckily we have robins and blackbirds to pick it up.

Our badgers are back very intermittently. I thought they had reliably been eating all the nuts I put out every night – but looking at the webcam I see that most of them are being consumed by a) a fox b) two large crows c) four very large pigeons.

We do however have a big problem with our shed as the roof has come right off it. We have panels to replace the existing roof but we need to wait until the weather improves as standing on ladders in wind and rain is probably not the best of ideas.