Not doing this again in a hurry

Jan 13th, 2020

Not doing this again in a hurry

Late last year I laid a new floor in our dining room. It was backbreaking work taking several days and I promised myself I would not be doing any more flooring work as although I am (reasonably) good at doing it, I don’t really have the right specialized tools for the job.

But then at Christmas, the new floor looked great. Also in my office, the light is either not bright enough to do craft work, or too bright such that you can’t see your computer screen to work on tests. Also, J when looking after cats had left a huge pile of vomit to dry into the carpet, and no scrubbing or Vanish would remove the giant stain. So I decided against common sense to turn our smallest bedroom which was really unused and we call “the snug” into a craft room with a new floor, a new work station and a new screen around the network area and to put a nice new bright bulb in the central fitment. Then I could move all my craft stuff into the snug and use the office purely as a computer room.

Well, I have managed it with R’s help but it was not fun. We have a server cabinet in the corner of the room with seven devices attached to it, several of which we need for our Internet access and internal servers. This could not be turned off and has dozens of cables running out of it, so in order to do that corner of the room, R had to stand holding the cables while I crawled underneath them to remove the carpet grippers and lay the adhesive, knackering my hands and my back and getting covered in very intractable glue in the process.

R very kindly built me a desk for my craft work area, but I had bought a cheap flat pack one and it did not turn out to be easy to assemble.

Anyway – it is all done now and looks pretty nice. As we did this over the weekend ourselves, we probably saved in excess of £1000 and hopefully my back and knees will feel better tomorrow.