What a nonsense

Dec 8th, 2019

What a nonsense

Yet another rant, but our Internet is being ruined by stupid ignorant people.

First of all we have this “do you want to accept cookies” nonsense. Here’s the thing, and I will say this as someone who professionally deals with websites on a daily basis. Most websites don’t work without cookies. Obviously the intent was to give people the option of blocking third party cookies, but due to the total technical ignorance of the politicians and civil servants dealing with this, we have ended up with these aggravating messages on every site we go on to.

Secondly. This stupid business with “privacy”. There must be a way of saying that I do not give a toss about the information I am giving to some sites. As far as I am concerned, my name, email address and date of birth are public knowledge, and probably my physical address could be found out in two minutes with anyone with any clue about the Internet. BTW – it is Donich Lodge Lochgoilhead just to save people the trouble of looking.

Thirdly. This multi-factor authentication requirement. If the site is a bank, fine. If it is a badminton court or some stupid gaming site (Steam anyone) I couldn’t care less about the information I have put into it. I am not concerned about it and if it gets compromised, fair enough. I don’t want MFA and shouldn’t have to.

Fourthly. This totally and utterly nonsensical “verification” procedure. As if on the BBC I would admit to not having a TV license, or on Instagram I would say “Well actually I am only 12 years old”. I tried to watch a YouTube program about Queen Victoria today and it insisted that I logged in to confirm I was over 13 as it was “age restricted material”.

Anyway, nothing I say will make any difference. Might as well give up and just switch it off.