Nov 21st, 2019


We got this bench designed by Chainsaw Craft near Dunoon for a Christmas present to go on my parents’ patio. On one arm is a cat, which I thought looked a bit like poor old Schrodi, and on the other arm is a mouse or vole.

The original idea had been to bring it in to our house, construct it and varnish it and then show it to Mum and Dad on Christmas day before taking it down to their apartment at New Year. This did not work out. R went and picked the bench up in the Land Rover and when he got back, he warned me that it was really really heavy. Typically for me, I wouldn’t listen, and we lifted part of it out, only to discover that there would be no way we could get it into the house. It was only with the greatest difficulty that we managed to get it back into the car at all.

So then we had to buy a trolley because at my parents’ place there is a decent distance between the gate and the patio. Lifting it on to the trolley was not fun (R’s language when he dropped part of the bench on to his finger was quite shocking), and then we had the fun of constructing it. First of all we managed to put the seat in the wrong way round which stopped the back from going on. We had to dismantle it again, but luckily by this time (late as usual) J had turned up and it was easier to do with three people. Finally we got it all together, and then had a glass of champagne and lunch at “Cattle and Creel” which I will say was much needed.

The next day Mum varnished it, and here it is in all its glory.